Judicial Review - Renewal Application - Price ListENG


Service Price
Judicial review - Renewal Application £1,000.00 Including VAT


Judicial review - Renewal Application

Disbursement Price
Court Fees £385.00 Including VAT
Barrister Fees £600.00 Including VAT
Courier £25.00 Including VAT
Interpreters & Translators £25.00 – £200.00 Including VAT
Experts £500.00 – £1,500.00 Including VAT
Misc. Fees £25.00 Including VAT

Key Stages and Timescales

Judicial review - Renewal Application

Key Stage Timescale
Take your detailed Instructions and advise you on the law and procedure relevant to your immigration 6 – 12 week(s)
Advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your immigration case and on any options available to 6 – 12 week(s)
Consider and assess your papers and the refusal decision you wish to challenge and advise you on whe 6 – 12 week(s)
Instruct a Barrister to draft grounds in support of the paper application for permission to apply fo 6 – 12 week(s)
Complete the necessary paperwork and submit the renewal application to the High Court; 6 – 12 week(s)
Update you on the progress of your application to the Court/Tribunal; 6 – 12 week(s)
Liaise with the Treasury Solicitors and respond to the Acknowledgement of Service; 6 – 12 week(s)
Carry out any relevant follow up work as your matter progresses until decision is reached on your Ju 6 – 12 week(s)
Advise you on the outcome of your application and on the implications of the decision on your applic 6 – 12 week(s)


A Charles


Qualification Educational Institution
IAAS Level 2 Supervisor TBC
Areas of Law Practiced Experience Time Spent
Immigration 16 year(s) 50%
Asylum and Human Rights 16 year(s) 50%